• Customer Support

    We can handle all technical needs. We're a one stop shop for all I.T. services. If you run into a problem you call ECS and only ECS, no more finger pointing between IT companies. If you have a product we don't support, we will even talk to the tech support so you don't have to.

  • Networking

    From running network cabling to mapping drives to your server and configuring your router and wifi. We can setup any network for any operating system

  • Security

    We have extensive experience with penetration testing and offensive security. we can test your entire network, find any security holes and show you how to fix them.

  • Backups

    Backups are essential to any business. We can custom write backup software or use existing backup systems. Space on our cloud server can be rented for offsite backup or we can create a custom cloud server just for you.

  • Windows

    We can support every version of windows. From Windows 98 all the way to windows 10. We also support all Windows domain servers.

  • Linux

    With so many flavors of Linux it's hard for the average person to keep up. Luckily for you we have tested almost every version. We can match up the perfect fit for your business. Whether you want a secure and powerful server or workstation.

  • Android / iOS

    We can sync all your tablets and smart phones with most apps. With our products you can connect to your office and all your data from any smart device.

  • Web Design

    Web Design Wether you have an existing web site or nothing at all, we can create a custom website or shopping cart for you. If you let us host your site, we will include email adresses with your domain name for free.

  • Custom Programming

    We have programmers on staff for most web design programming languages. We have experience with PHP, SQL, Java, Python, C#, Autoit, HTML and Visual Basic. We also do data base programming with SQL and filePro. Regardless of your operating system, we can write custom software for all your needs. Contact us for an estimate. No request is too big.

  • Data Management

    Do you have multiple excel spread sheets or information you need imported into other programs. We can custom write programs to automatically consolidate all your data into any format you like. You can easily access the information you need whenever you want.

  • Accounting

    Accounting We can handle everything from Payroll to Taxes. Having trouble reconciling with the bank? We can help. We've had 25 years of experience helping our customers with their books.

  • ABS

    ABS We are a proud dealer of the American Business System (A.B.S.). We can help install your software or import any data from any other accounting system, as long as it can produce a file.

  • Armor Advantage

    We have been working with Armor Systems since the late 80's. We have extensive knowledege on the entire accounting system. We can even get it to run on Windows 10.